Check all customization possibilities:

Throughout the years, METISA has become a benchmark in the manufacture and development of blade technologies for cutting ornamental rocks. The strength of the METISA brand is associated in every detail.

• Blades with low relief grooves - they ensure a better cost-benefit in relation to the weight per part. Lower cost with better sawn surface finish;

• Greater diversity in heights - we offer several blade options (100, 110 and 120 mm) according to the specific needs of each company;

• Greater thickness diversity - where we have the options of (4.2, 4.5, 4.8, 5.0 and 5.20 mm) according to the needs of each company;

• Exclusive nozzle design for nozzles removal - more efficient during the nozzle breaking process, therefore, reducing the cost of downtime;

• Pre-tensioning of cold blades - improves performance and final sawn quality;

• Centralized or offset drilling option - it ensures a better use from the first to the last sawn;

• Exclusive traceability system - each part is engraved with the respective batch number, facilitating the control of consumption and traceability of the manufacture of the products.