METISA, force that moves
the development

With more than 80 years of experience, METISA, a 100% Brazilian company, is always attentive and seeking to meet the real needs of each market segment in which it operates. METISA's importance lies in the strength it offers to the work and the productive potential of its customers, selling the most advanced and technological in agricultural tools, blades for cutting ornamental stones, soil penetration tools, railway accessories, for road implements, in addition to hand tools and washers.

METISA is constantly focused on the needs of each customer and seeks to satisfy them by delivering the best product.

Installed in an area of 245,000 square meters with 40,000 m² of built area, METISA is a genuinely Brazilian publicly traded company that progressively invests in human resources, process technologies and modern management methods. It employs around 1200 people and has an annual production capacity of around 80 thousand tons of steel.


The increasingly growing domestic market is served by the head office, located in Santa Catarina, and by the branch in Recife, which works as a distribution center. In addition, there are representative offices across the country. METISA operates in the foreign market in more than 60 countries, on 5 continents, and the service is carried out directly through the head office or its international agents.


Metisa, throughout its more than 80 years, has always paid special attention to monitoring its production processes. In order to prevent them from causing any harm to nature, which has always been generous to them. The company has several actions that demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. Solid waste is managed through a Waste Center, aiming at its correct destination, recycling and recovery.

It is installed in an area of 245 thousand square meters, has a plan for constant environmental monitoring of surface water and groundwater, as well as atmospheric effluents, maintains a green area of permanent preservation on the banks of the Benedito Novo River, in Timbó (SC ), where it is based and maintains the reforestation of more than one million trees.


METISA - Metalúrgica Timboense S.A. is committed to the continuous improvement of the satisfaction levels of its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, complying with the quality requirements of its products and services and the preservation of the environment.


The policy expresses the commitment of METISA and its employees:

• Customers´ satisfaction: Quality products and services, delivered on time and at competitive prices.

• Suppliers´ satisfaction: Assurance of supply by maintaining business and payments on time.

• Employees´ satisfaction: Everyone's well-being, respectful relationship, cleanliness, and organization of environments, in addition to discipline and seriousness with work.

• Shareholders´ satisfaction: Preservation of profit, avoiding any kind of waste.

• Preservation of the environment: Conscious consumption of natural resources, avoiding waste and impacts on the environment, and commitment to meet the legal requirements and others.


METISA's production line is logistically integrated, both with the main steel suppliers and customers, which places the company as a link in important global production chains. International quality standards are guaranteed by its own metallurgical laboratory, which has equipment for physical and chemical analysis. The mechanical properties of the products are evaluated at different stages of the manufacturing process. The company has technological expertise in the use of boron microalloyed steels; manganese; chromium and others, which provide a considerable increase in the useful life of the product in use.


METISA Metalúrgica Timboense SA recognizes the importance of personal data privacy and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data protection. In compliance with Law 13,709/2018 (General Data Protection Law - LGPD), METISA has a Privacy Policy which establishes which data is processed together with its purpose, as well as publishes the communication channel for matters related to LGPD.