Code of Ethics and Conduct

The practice of the ethical principles and conduct described in the “METISA`s code of ethics and conduct” and the zeal for its compliance are the commitments of all. Anyone who observes or becomes aware of violations of the code or has questions about its meaning, intent or application, will have channels at its disposal to register and forward its manifestation. Click on one of the options below and get access to the material:

Registration and forwarding of manifestations:

If you are a METISA employee, use one of the following channels:
The hierarchical superior; The Member of the Ethics Committee; Form available in physical ballot boxes in the company;
Website https://www.metisa.com.br/en/code-of-ethics-and-conduct ou E-mail: eticametisa@ouvidoriasegura.com.br

If you are NOT a METISA employee, please choose one of the following channels:
Website https://www.metisa.com.br/en/code-of-ethics-and-conduct ou E-mail: eticametisa@ouvidoriasegura.com.br

Please note:

Manifestations should be complete and detailed to enable analysis. METISA encourages the protester to identify himself. However, complete and detailed anonymous statements will be accepted, but will not allow return to the issuer. Anonymous statements that are NOT complete and detailed will be closed.

Manifestations sent through the Leadership, Committee Member of form (ballot box) will be dealt directly by the Ethics Committee.

Manifestations sent through the website or e-mail will be received by an outsourced company, wich, in an impartial manner, will forward them to the Ethics Committee.

All information received will be treated confidentially and the identity of the protester will be protected, except when there is legal obligation which forces us to inform to government authorities.

METISA will not tolerate any retaliation against the person who in good faith has manifested breaches of the code.

Code Violations:

Violations of the code or withholding of information during the course of an investigation will be subject to disciplinary action.

To submit your manifestation through the site www.metisa.com.br, fill in the fields of the Manifestation form.


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