Products for several kinds of equipment, including sugar and alcohol segment.
There are several tasks that can be carried out easily and efficiently through mechanization just like: soil preparation, planting and harvesting. They are used in plows, planters, harvesters, seeders, sugar cane harvesters and in a multitude of agricultural equipment.

To better serve applications in different kinds of equipment and soils, METISA offers discs for plowing, harrowing, leveling and planting. And they are applied in several kinds of planters, seeders, harrows, plows and other equipment. METISA's agricultural discs are produced in heat-treated boron microalloyed steels and they are available in several sizes and holes.

The METISA Sugar and Alcohol Line offers all the conditions for maximum use. They are cultivator tips, shovels for cane harvesters extractors, basic knives and mincers.

METISA also produces drawbars, rotary hoes, brush cutters, peanut blades and blades for leveling the soil.
They are applied from soil preparation and planting to harvest, METISA agricultural implement parts offer better technical characteristics for the practice of the work that is performed in the field.
They are produced in high carbon content with or without heat treatment and boron-bonded steels with heat treatment.